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Intelligent Investing!
Creating a fusion between stocks & options that has produced a 94% win

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If you've always wanted to become a successful trader so you could
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... But you're tired of struggling alone, not making ANY progress, due
to a lack of knowledge, direction, or the know how... Instinctively you
know full well that when it comes right down to it, to successfully
trade in the ever changing stock market, "there's no short cut for
experience" and it is exactly this type of in the trenches behind the
scenes "street smarts" which is paramount on Wall Street. It's
HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH, financial health, to be WITHOUT IT. So please
pay close attention:

Because we're currently accepting new members into the ELITE "Fusion
Trading System":

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traders who utilize the advantageous benefits of limited membership to
and use of the knowledge of actionable inside trade strategies;
information only obtained from decades of first hand


"I have been with Barry now for 6+ months.

Words like 'pundit' or 'guru' aren't adequate to describe Barry. He's
more like a partner in the trading game.

He doesn't make claims or predictions instead, he seeks to empower me
so I can make my own trading decisions. He offers a variety of
techniques to satisfy the diverse needs of his clientele while also
managing to keep the volume of information manageable.

He is also personally very available and clearly trades his own
analysis also.

I highly recommend him."

Chris H

Join The Fusion Trading System Now!

[DEL: $1997 per year :DEL]
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A Snapshot Of "Fusion Trading System" Members
Are YOU A Good Fit?

Members of "Fusion Trading System" are typically people who are
passionate about their success, their future, and the future of their
loved ones.
* Improve and perfect their trading skills in any type of market
* Follow and take part in live trades with their own trading
* Stay up with current and pertinent news that could affect your
trading account.
* Gain an understanding of the necessary strategies the professionals
use to methodically extract money from the markets.
* Share success stories and network with other "in-the-know"

Giving you all the necessary tools needed to become a successful step
above and ahead of the pack, through knowledge learned firsthand
combined with the "Fusion Trading System" shared wisdom and becoming
what you have always personally wanted to be... a trader making
profitable lucrative trades.

All from the comfort of YOUR HOME or office, and on YOUR SCHEDULE!

"Fusion Traders" are not people content with sitting on the sidelines,
but instead understand the priceless value of belonging to a community
of like-minded traders who freely share valuable information about
trades, strategies, trends, and many more valuable topics.

And they're people who fit this profile:
* Someone who is new to trading as a whole but has dreams of success
and wants a shortcut to achieving that success.
* Someone who is hesitant when it comes to trading in the current
market conditions.
* Someone who is stuck in the learning curve that can prove to be a
maze of information with no clear direction on where to go.
* Someone who may have tried their hand at option trading only to
discover that it can be hazardous to your wealth.
* Someone who knows that there are ways to use options to their
advantage and wants to cut through the long learning curve and
finally put the advantage of options on their side.
* An individual who does not have time to learn but wants to benefit
from trading along side of one of the best pro's today.

These are NOT people who:
* Tend to be unproductive and expect money to fall in their lap with
no work.
* Wait around for ideas that prove to be archaic, only to try and
* Are pessimistic and doubt success in trading the stock market.

So if you're driven by success - not unmotivated...

... And if you're a forward-thinking individual who understands the
value of belonging to a community of like-minded traders working toward
a common purpose, you may be well suited for a membership with "Fusion
Trading System."

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"I have been trading with Barry Boswell for several months. Most likely
I am like most traders and never stop searching for ways to improve my
trading success. I also know the reason most traders fail is because
they don't take the time to learn to trade and I think this is where
Barry excels. The Fusion Trading System not only gives subscribers good
trade ideas the service also teaches one to trade. If a person learns
and applies the weekly information Barry provides in his weekly
webinars you will dramatically increase your chances of success. In the
last week using his VIX trading levels and his guidance I captured 54%
and 32% on two trades."

Steve L


When you become a member of the "Fusion Trading System," you'll be
emailed INSTANT password access to our private, members-only website,
where you'll have unlimited 24/7 access to all of the following:

QUICK START GUIDE to get you started in the right direction,

Step-by-step COACHING VIDEOS to aid in your success.

Easy to follow INVESTMENT GUIDE to keep you thinking like a

LIVE TRADE ALERTS that let you know exactly when to make
moves, opening and closing our trades.

the know" and up to date with important membership strategic alerts and
critical market news.

WEEKLY MARKET COMMENTARY with information you should be paying
attention to in order to stay on the right side of the market.

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS SECTION where member questions are
personally answered and posted for others to review.

MEMBERS FORUM where you can communicate with other successful
members, share your results and network with other like minded traders.

PERSONALIZED HELP AND SUPPORT is readily available for
members. Don't completely understand a strategy? Don't worry because
help is only an email away!

As you can see, everything you need to succeed is included.

There are NO heavy books to lug around... NO piles of paper to keep
organized... NO complicated software to master...

Just a simple, "user-friendly" website filled with "cutting-edge"
learning tools available 24 hours daily all 7 days a week, from
anywhere you have an Internet connection!

And the site is constantly updated whenever there are the latest new
advances, so you're always getting the "most-up-to-date" information!


"I always enjoy the webinars. Sometimes I can't get to them live but I
always learn something."

Thanks again,


Finally... ALL Of The Help and Advice and Strategies AND...
Training YOU NEED To Become The Successful Trader
You Have Always Wanted To Be!

As a select member of "Fusion Trading System," you'll be privy to one
of the most valuable collections of Stock Market-related information
ANYWHERE on the Internet!

We've poured over 35 years of experience, training, education and trial
& error results into our members-only site, giving you the best chance
EVER of finally learning how to successfully trade, and go on to grow
your portfolio trading account(s) allowing you to worry less about your
future and to enjoy life to its fullest.

For example, you'll discover:
* DOUBLING the chances that the market moves in your favor.
* How to successfully review the current market conditions for the
best outcome on your trades.
* The ins and outs of numerous trade strategies that will help grow
your nest egg.
* The true secret to building the fortune of a lifetime.
* How to Measure Extreme Price Action and take advantage of those
* Common trade terminology along with definitions.
* How to use options to protect your capital and help grow your

And that's just a small sample of MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS you'll enjoy with
your "privileged access."


Hi Barry,
"I'd like to share the trade I took based on your charting. I bought
DIA 139.5 calls for $.20 yesterday and sold it today for $.40. That is
100% return holding for 1 day. I like to thank you and keep up the good
work. I am learning a lot from you."


ENJOY "Access" To Your Very Own Stock Market Expert

We have dedicated ourselves to bringing you the most in-depth,
up-to-date strategies available in order to succeed with the ever
changing market conditions.

And in order to achieve that, we've enlisted one of the TOP traders
with your "privileged access" Membership to help you on your path to

Barry Boswell spends every day working in the field, so he always knows
exactly when a new strategy or advancement comes down the pipe that you
NEED to hear about... "in-the-know," and on the go, "inside trader
experience," simply put: MEMBERSHIP ADVANTAGES.

Barry has been studying price and market action for four decades now.
If there is a new strategy to hit the market, you can be assured that
he has tested it or used it.

Barry has taken all these years of combined education to share with you
tactics and strategies that can be EASILY LEARNED - and more

His unique style of simplifying complex topics to actionable trade
ideas has proven to be successful with many members.

His actual annual returns since becoming a financial publisher are:

Avg Monthly Return

Avg Annual Return



68.1% (partial year)













Over the period Barry has been a financial publisher, the average
monthly returns amount to 18.7%. This works out to an annualized return
of 223.7%

Of course you know that past performance is no guarantee of future
success. But, you have to think for a minute how your life would be if
you could achieve this level of success


"Based on your analysis of the S&P price action, I put on the following
On 02/07, I bought 3 SPY March 1 152 calls for $1.18. I could have got
a much better price as that day, the price tested support and the calls
were selling for around $.80 then.
Today, on 02/19, I sold those three SPY calls for $1.70 as the SPY had
hit 153.10 which I understood to be around the 1531 resistance level
you were expecting the S&P index to reach.
That was close enough for me. I walked away with a 42% gain in 12 days.
Let's see if there will be a pullback or if the S&P will want to go all
the way to 1567."

Thanks a lot, Barry!


You Get 5 Times Your Money's Worth!
It's Guaranteed!

Membership to "Fusion Trading System" is an INVESTMENT in YOUR SUCCESS!

KNOWLDEGE IS POWER and when coupled with the wisdom, which comes only
from experience, insures risk avoidance and when further enhanced
through education and training provides you with the prestigious and
"priceless ELITE-MEMBER benefit" of verifiable assurance and peace of

Yet while you might expect to pay as much as $5,997 per year for
unlimited access to the caliber of expert training, resources, and
community included in our private, members-only website.

We think you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover, for a limited
time, we're initiating new members for the very reasonable, low monthly
membership fee of just $97.

It's a generously LOW price that keeps this information accessible to
all levels of traders- not just the elite top 5-10% who *usually* have
privileged access to this caliber of information.

And when you consider how much time and money you'd waste trying to
figure this all out on your own, we think you'll agree it's both a fair
and necessary investment in your future success in the markets.

At long last, don't you want to TAKE AWAY the GUESS WORK and ELIMINATE
your RISK to the maximum extent possible?


"Barry's careful and focused insights and explanations around Technical
Analysis have helped me develop my own skills and improve my
decision-making. He has responded to all my questions quickly and
personally and really takes a direct interest in his clients.
Barry offers a number of different strategies currently and provides
careful updates to each one on a weekly basis plus a well-considered
market overview. He is also open to exploring areas which his clients
have expressed interest in pursuing, not just his own personal
preferences. Additionally Barry's live weekly webinars have been very
valuable for me in keeping abreast of the market and applying his
insights to my own trading.
He provides real value for money in a space where many so-called
experts expect to charge thousands of dollars. I'm very happy to have
joined his network."


3 Bonus Gifts With Your NEW Membership

To sweeten the deal even further, for a limited time we've decided to
offer NEW Members to the "Fusion Trading System" three exciting bonus

A total value of $597 - but yours FREE if you act today!

Super Bonus #1: "FRIDAY TRADE STRATEGIES" (90 Minute Training Session)

When you JOIN TODAY, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to a special training
session we call FRIDAY TRADE STRATEGIES. In this special 1 & 1 /2 hour
presentation, we share 4 different proven trade set ups that can be
quite explosive. Imagine making more in one day than most people make
in a week!

This is the type of potential that sets up on Friday!

In fact, the day after this presentation was recorded, one member went
on to make $933 in pure profits. And get this, his investment was only
$513. That is a return of 181.9% in one day!

That is more than a lot of people earn in one week! And he made it in a
couple of hours on a Friday!

On top of that, as an ELITE MEMBER, you will get PRIVILEDGED ACCESS to
additional presentations we host! Members decide what the subject of
each presentation is in order to maintain consistent learning and
positive trading results! All presentations, along with handouts are
posted in the member's area for your review, at your convenience.
(A $299 Value Per Presentation, Yours FREE when you join today!)

Super Bonus #2: A report entitled ... "How to Find Hot Stock Opportunities in
Only 5 Minutes Per Day!"

Have you ever wanted to know a simple, easy to follow strategy on how
to find great stocks and profitable trades? We are about to let you in
on a secret method that has proven itself time and time again in
generating explosive profits! Even someone with very little knowledge
about trading can perfect this strategy!

And every month we provide an updated list of companies that are
described in this report.

Now you do not even have to do the work yourself to find these
potential winners!
(A $199 Value, Yours FREE when you join today!)

Super Bonus #3: Long Term Monthly Charts

Every month you will receive monthly charts on the major market
indexes, along with the major sectors. You also receive monthly charts
of carefully selected stocks.

By looking at the big picture of the markets, you will gain a much
better understanding of where potential problems can occur.

Did you ever place a trade only to see it quickly reverse and go
against you?

Odds are the stock came up against some key resistance level on a long
term chart. Taking a look at the long term view of the market can help
you garner better profits.
(A $99 Value, Yours FREE when you join today!)

Try It For The Next 60 Days, RISK FREE!!!

That's right! We're proud to offer your membership to Fusion Trading
System with an industry leading 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

to the MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS at our risk!

If you're not suitably impressed by everything included in your
membership, then contact us before your 60 day guarantee period expires
- and we'll refund your FULL 60 days' worth of subscription fees.

That's right! We put all of the risk on our shoulders, because we're
confident that once you've experienced the PRIVLEGED benefits of being
an industry-insider with "Fusion Trading System", you'll NEVER want to

(Though of course you *can* cancel your membership at any time after 60
days and never pay another month's fees.)


So now it's time to decide...

... Will you continue GUESSING, making decisions with HALF the
information you need?

Or, will you join the ELITE-MEMBERS COMMUNITY of traders who rely on
their MEMBERSHIP with PRIVILEGED ACCESS to "Fusion Trading System" with
the "in-the-know" ADVANTAGES based upon knowledge, and wisdom, which
comes only through experience, coupled with personal "insider"
education, training and mentoring to keep you ahead of the game?

Remember: There's no risk in joining today. The Risk is TOTALLY on US!

We've taken away any gamble by offering an iron-clad NO-RISK-GUARANTEE
for your peace of mind.

You have absolutely nothing to lose... that is except your hard earned
money and your precious time...

What's more important money or time? Both!!... That's PRECISELY why
there is no better time to START than NOW.

Because your investment is backed by our RISK FREE 60-Day Money back

Plus- you'll receive the 3 bonus gifts (Friday Trade Strategies, How to Find
Hot Stock Opportunities in Only 5 Minutes per Day E-book, along with monthly
updates using this technique, and updated monthly charts, added each and
every month) an additional $597.00 value but yours FREE for joining today.

So what will it be?

Click below to activate your membership before the exclusive membership
spots fill, space is limited!

Join The Fusion Trading System Now!

[DEL: $1997 per year :DEL]
$49 / Month


P.S. This one of a kind membership is not one you should pass up! It
was created to help traders just like you succeed regardless of how the
economy's doing or the stock market moves! It took us years of
frustrating, money sucking trades to get over the hump that most
traders will never get over. Without the information provided to our
exclusive members, you are trading blindly with the markets working
against you. You have nothing to lose, take that first crucial step
towards success by clicking the secure button below.

P.P.S Also remember, that you are making this purchase at absolutely no
risk. If Fusion Trading System isn't everything you were expecting,
simply notify us within 60 days and I will refund your money
immediately. So grab this special price while you can!

Join The Fusion Trading System Now!

[DEL: $1997 per year :DEL]
$49 / Month


Your Rock Solid 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Listen, while I promise to deliver the most accurate and up to date
information that will boost your earnings, I know this might not be
right for everybody. So that's why I'm giving you a full 60 day, no
questions asked, money back guarantee. No hassle, no fuss, no problem.

So you've got 2 whole months to follow along with me as we both beat
the markets, use my tips, squeeze every last drop of profitable
information you can from this to dramatically increase your earnings
and then if you're still not satisfied after 60 days, just let me know
and I'll quickly reimburse the full membership cost to you. All the
risk is on me and you've got nothing to lose.

Does that sound fair to you?

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Barry Boswell and The Fusion Trading System are not registered
investment advisers. We publish opinionated information about companies
that we believe our subscribers may be interested in.

Click Here For Full Legal Disclaimer


Get Your Free Ebook:
"How To Find Hot Stock Opportunities In Only 5 Minutes"



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